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We've been introducing new paddlers to the sport for years and if there's one thing we know about, it's keeping people safe on the water. That's why we created this course, to give new paddlers like you, what you need to be self- sufficient on the water.

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The sea is a complex environment with many potential risks. In this course we help you to understand tides and their interaction with other conditions, in a clear and an understandable way.

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With this course you can quickly gain the key actionable and essential knowledge which we've gained from over 15 years experience across this brand new sport.

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On completion of this course we guarantee that you'll know more about safety than the majority of the paddlers on the water. You can access and revisit this course at any time making your learning super efficient and entirely at your own pace.

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The first and only stand up paddleboard course with all the information you need in one place


Simon Hutchinson

Simon is an experienced paddleboarder and instructor, living and working on the South Coast of the UK, where there are the rivers, harbours, weirs and surf to keep things fresh and interesting, no matter the conditions. He enjoys SUP surfing, touring and he paddles 12 months of the year. He also presents the SUPfm podcast, interviewing people across the world doing incredible things on their stand-up paddleboards. Simon owns the first specialist SUP clothing brand Hutch SUP Wear, has contributed articles to SUPMag UK and is available to instruct by appointment only through The New Forest Paddle Sport Company, Hampshire, UK.

Nick Robinson

Nick is an experienced SUP instructor based in the Algarve, Portugal and loves all flavours of paddling particularly surf and touring. He has trained with ISA and WSA is the founder of Algarve SUP and he ran a number of events including the Guardiana Challenge, a race which attracted a number of Portugal's elite level paddlers. He has huge connection with the water having also been a river guide back in his native South Africa His love of SUP led to him to co-create SUPfm back in 2015 with Simon

Your Course Lessons

  • 2

    Selecting and Using Your Kit

    • Introduction to Your Key Safety Kit

    • Your Board

    • Your Leash

    • Your PFD

    • Protect Your Head

    • Paddle and Kit Maintenance

    • Cold Shock and Dressing For Success

    • Kit Accessories

    • Paddle Apps

    • Kit Quiz

  • 3

    Building Your Basic Safety Skills

    • Skills Intro

    • Falling Safely

    • Getting Back On Board

    • Self Rescue

    • Calling for Help

    • Getting on and off the Water

    • Safety Skills Quiz

  • 4

    How To Assess and Manage Conditions

    • Conditions Intro

    • The Effect Of Wind

    • The Effect of River Flow

    • How Tides Work

    • Tidal Range

    • The Law of Twelfths

    • Other Tidal Factors

    • Basic Weather Events

    • Conditions Quiz

  • 5

    What You’ll Need To Know When Paddling Beach and Sea

    • Surf and Beach Safety

    • Rip Currents

    • Lifeguard Covered Beaches

    • Beach and Sea Quiz

  • 6

    How To Avoid and Deal With Common Hazards

    • Other Water Users

    • Hazards From Nature

    • Surface Hazards

    • Underwater Hazards

    • Hazards Quiz

  • 7

    How To Successfully Plan Your Sessions

    • Planning Intro

    • Planning From Home

    • Planning From Shore

    • Planning with Apps: Magic Seaweed

    • Planning with Apps : Windy

    • Planning Quiz

  • 8

    Resources Library

    • Master Planning Checklist

    • Conditions Checklist and Log

    • Kit Checklist

    • Paddle Apps Guide

Are you a new paddler?

Are you struggling to make sense of all the information out there? We have laid it all out for you in a sensible and structured manner.